Telecom Expense Management

Our Telecommunications (Telecom) Specialists oversee the daily management of global telecom expenses, administration, analysis, and reporting in accordance with your organization’s IT Operations strategy.  The Telecom Specialist provides excellent customer service to internal IT stakeholders while ensuring that processes are followed throughout the communication lifecycle.   They are subject matter experts with standard concepts, practices, and procedures within the global telecom field.  Our Telecom Specialist will work with your IT and billing Team to improve critical business processes that drive a telecom cost, which includes, but are not limited to, the daily administration of processes that interface with key partners. Our team will help IT Operations build a cohesive approach for communication lifecycle management.  Our team of analysts has strong background and familiarity with telecommunications suppliers, concepts, and acronyms.

Our areas of work includes

Work with teams across IT to improve understanding of overall telecommunications services spend for all classes of telecom (landline and wireless).

Create, implement, and manage effective telecom expense life-cycle management practices; analyzes, monitors and reports out on telecom assets (mobile, fixed line, audio, etc.) in accordance with IT Operations policies and procedures, which may include requirements gathering, procurement, provisioning, decommissioning, and reporting.

Review, analyze, modify and audit contracts for the procurement of telecom products and services.

Assess usage and spending trends, identify billing inaccuracies, and enact adequate bill dispute and resolution processes when required.  Develop these activities as a routine part of our overall IT asset management practice.

Generates cost reduction and avoidance in accordance with annual targets through the daily administration of plans (mobile and fixed) and usage management in accordance with IT Operations direction; meet or exceed annual cost savings targets.

Develop reporting metrics to communicate compliance and savings to management on a regular basis.

Implement and manage the utilization of tools as required to assist with asset management of services, contracts, and expenses.

Follow our client’s company policies to ensure that the team act legally and with the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

Provides support, and verification of Move, Add, Changes, and Deletes (MACD) for telecom services with Vendor  partner.

Creates and maintains document repository of fixes, installation procedures, technical tips, and other telecom technology processes.

Identifies, researches, and assists with implementation of new telecom technologies in accordance with IT operations policy and procedures.